The natural splendour of the Waterberg, with more than 300 days of sunshine each year, fresh air and clean water, is a South African gem.  A large variety of attractions, an abundance of wild life and birds, excellent accommodation and activities to suit everyone makes it a perfect destination. And the Waterberg is very accessible especially as it’s only two hours from Pretoria.

Waterberg Tourism is registered as a non-profit corporation for the inclusion of all stakeholders. Waterberg Tourism is seeking only to serve its members by competitively marketing the Waterberg area as an outstanding tourism destination, to local and international tourists.

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What does the future hold for tourism in the Waterberg?

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In the words of many tourism is dead in the water right now. With Covid-19 most trips and holidays have had to be cancelled. Many lodges and activities have reduced staff and adopted a “care and maintenance” strategy merely to survive! The future will not be the same as the past. Things will change. Those who can adapt to change will emerge even stronger because there will always be a need for people to travel and visit.

The popular view is that local tourism will be the first to revive. People are tired of being restricted to their homes and many have “Cabin fever”. At the same time, they do not necessarily have the same money for discretionary spend. The Waterberg offers an attractive alternative to getting away. It is only 2 hours from Gauteng and in a relatively free Malaria area. The weather at this time of the year is unbeatable!

Lodges who can see their way clear to adapting to the local market and adjusting their prices and offerings will be the ones to survive.

Conservation hunting is another extremely popular source of visits to the Waterberg. Many fathers and sons are dying to get out into the bush as are groups of friends. We have already had many enquiries from visitors as to where they may be able to hunt (for leisure and under level 3 regulations). Please let us know if you have hunting facilities available.

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PLEASE NOTE: Due to the COVID-19 lock-down we have been forced to POSTPONE all workshops. Where possible, we'll see if we can host webinars or post YouTube videos. Please keep an eye on your mailbox, as well as on our social media channels for more information.



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One of the ways you can support tourism in the Waterberg is by sharing Waterberg Tourism's social media posts, YouTube videos, blogs, newsletters and emails.

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This has been our mantra from the beginning, and Waterberg Tourism will continue to work hard towards the development and promotion of tourism in the Waterberg.

Keep an eye on this space - there are amazing things happening! 😉
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What better way than to start the day watching a montage of the beautiful birds of the Waterberg?
Grab your coffee and enjoy this compilation of pictures from Mich Veldman!
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The Waterberg is home to a large variety of mammals. Enjoy this video showcasing some of wonderful creatures that inhabit our biosphere. ... See MoreSee Less

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