Are our destination marketing and development efforts showing early results?

Our team would be the first to say that it is probably too soon to tell, but we keep looking for ways to measure our impact. We recently reached out to the technology company supporting our Waterberg Safety Network and asked them if they could pull traffic data from the CCTV camera network covering our district to help us compare Easter Weekend 2022 with Easter Weekend 2023?

The results are tabled below…

A growth of +38% in vehicles entering and moving through the Waterberg… that is fantastic news! The provincial data is even more interesting with further away provinces showing higher growth rates. This could well mean that for many of these visitors the Waterberg was their ‘Easter Holiday Destination’ of choice.

We are surely not claiming ‘statistical significance’ with this data yet, but at least it is an interesting attempt in measuring movement into and through the Waterberg that is showing very promising trends.