Becoming a Founder Member


Waterberg Tourism’s further growth and operational costs will be covered by membership fees (as an NPO, no business dealings will be done that will allow the company to generate a profit).  The purpose of the company is social, not commercial, as it aims to develop and support the Waterberg communities.

  • Founder members are members who join up during the first 8 months of the NPO’s launch, and whose donations are fundamental in the growth of Waterberg Tourism for the community and tourism sector.
  • Founder members offer donations of varying amounts starting from R5000-00. Their donations are once-off, and ensure various benefits that are permanent in nature, or fixed for a period of five years.


  • permanent and prominent feature of their name or company logo on WT’s website for five years;
  • free advertising on all platforms for five years;
  • featured business article or advertisement sent out to media channels, tourism bodies, marketing organisations, tour operators, travel agents and so on, once a year by Waterberg Tourism;
  • preferential status in media liaison for five years: when television, radio, printed or digital media channels seek to cover the Waterberg, Founder Members will be offered first option to be featured on these channels and programs/articles, depending on content and requirements of media;
  • exclusive signage for their property or business indicating their Founder Member status, along with a certificate for prominent display;
  • 50 % discount on advertisement cost on the Bushveld Info App
  • pre-negotiated deals and discounts with various service providers offering Founder Members exclusive discounts on various products and services like digital and social media marketing, graphic design, hospitality and tourism training, amenities, quality assurance consultations, human resource management and legal services and so on.  Final agreements should be signed by August 2019; and
  • quarterly networking events showcasing speakers, activities, services and products relevant to the tourism and hospitality sector in the Waterberg area.


By supporting Waterberg Tourism as a Founder Member, you are helping to ensure the Waterberg is marketed sustainably, responsibly and in a manner which looks at the long-term success and growth of the region’s tourism industry.

* A Section 18 A Tax Certificate can be issued for the donation.


Name: Waterberg Tourism NPC
Bank: Standard Bank of SA Ltd
Code: 052547 Type:
Cheque Account: 1011 042 456 3