In the Waterberg we have a huge diversity of moths, all shapes and sizes and going by such exotic names as Twin-buttoned Footman (see the banner – second down on LHS of banner), Cream-striped Owl (top LHS), Heady Maiden (second row, 3 in from LHS), Lunar Moth (big green job with streamers), Cats-eye Emperor (the big yellow one) and one everyone in the Waterberg knows – the Sundowner Moth (bottom RHS). The full moth record can be seen by clicking on the banner below.


Waterberg beetles are also growing apace and we’ve attached a banner of a couple of the hundreds of species we have. Unfortunately most don’t have common names but when you get down on your hands and knees to look closely at them, some of them are amazing! The full record of beetles in the Waterberg can be seen by clicking on the banner below.


The wild flower collection is also growing, now with nearly 500 species photographed in the Waterberg, and the website offers people the means to identify a good number of the species to be found in the Waterberg. The wildflower banner below can be used to access the list.