Budding Entrepreneurs

Two young men, who are volunteers at the Waterberg Tourism Information Kiosk, have demonstrated that they have special skills in making films and taking photos.  Freddy Lechelele and Nico Phire produced an unexpected excellent video for the company that has led to them to form their own company, Waterberg Media Productions.

Using only their cell phones and a very old 128kb computer they produced a video explaining what Waterberg Tourism is about. “We used our own initiative to describe the business” explains Freddy while Nico did all the camera work.

One of the guests was so impressed that he arranged for a regular camera to be donated so that they could continue with their work.  Right now, they are struggling with their very old computer that keeps crashing.  If anyone has an old computer or video camera that they are not using, we are sure that Freddy and Nico would be able to put it to good use. Another member has promised to help them with software once they have a computer that can handle it.

They also attended a business start-up course that was arranged by Dr Izzy Warren-Smith recently.  In the meantime, they continue to make a valuable contribution to Waterberg Tourism as volunteers in the Information Kiosk.

For more details contact:
Freddy:064 889 5299
Nico: 061 668 9700

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