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2 days ago

Waterberg Tourism

We're officially on Day 6 of lock-down!
What have you been up to?🤔

Lock-down is the perfect time to get that deep cleaning done!
Get Training reminded us of the following to do when deep cleaning your accommodation establishment:
- Carry all the furniture, decor, pictures and beds out - leave furniture and beds in the sun; the heat and UV will kill a lot of bacteria and bugs. Not too long to bleach or damage material though! (Remember to put all fragile decor items and pictures under cover or in the shade where they won't get damaged);

- open all the doors and windows to let some fresh air in;

- dust and clean thatch roofs properly; if you don't have thatch, do a ceiling clean and check;

- dust and then wash the walls from top to bottom;

- vacuum and wash all the carpets and floors properly;

- clean all light fittings, bulbs and switches;

- do a maintenance check on all bedrooms and bathrooms;

- deep clean bathrooms with proper cleaning materials and tooth brushes for those hard to reach corners and crevices in the showers, baths, basins, vanities and floor spaces. Be especially vigilant at problem areas like the toilet, space behind and around the toilet, and plugs!

And lastly, take the time to plan retraining or refreshing staff's training!

This is a great time to get ready for our guests when we can travel again!

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6 days ago

Waterberg Tourism

If your business is registered for UIF, there are some additional benefits you can make use of if your business is affected by COVID-19. Please see the image below for more detail.

#savetourism #dontcancelpostpone #waterbergtourism #wonderfilledwaterberg #wewillovercome #governmentaid #UIF #WeDoTourism

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6 days ago

Waterberg Tourism

Good Morning Everyone!
See the image below for more information on government aid to help tourism businesses pay salaries during this time.
Stay strong!

#savetourism #waterbergtourism #wonderfilledwaterberg #dontcancelpostpone #governmentaid #wewillovercome #WeDoTourism
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