2023 Waterberg Wild Dog Ecotourism Project

Limited time only from June 5th till end of July !! BOOK NOW!!

What can guests expect for the 2023 Waterberg Wild Dog Ecotourism Project?

🐾Take a guided, informative game drive
🐾View the TOOG Area Pack
🐾Learn about the conservation efforts with the population
🐾Support the pack’s conservation

The project seeks to promote the ecotourism potential of the pack and use the funds raised to offset the predation impact on the small, private properties conserving them during their denning season.

Starting June 5th, join the WWDI to view the pack, learn about their behaviors, and support the conservation efforts going into them.

For more details or to book a visit, please email bookings@waterbergwilddogs.org.za or
WhatsApp 073 040 5744/073 791 6249.

Visit the Ecotourism page on the WWDI’s website for more details: https://www.waterbergwilddogs.org.za/ecotourism