African Wildlife Auctions (AWA)

African Wildlife Auctions (AWA) was established in 2014 through a joint venture between two major players in the South African auction industry. AWA online technology business unit Wildlife Auctions has become one of the dominant players in both online sales and agent marketing of game, wildlife, assets and livestock in Southern Africa over the past two years.

African Wildlife Auctions has grown substantially since inception when it was considered a small player, to becoming the dominant market player in the plains game market. AWA’s rapid growth now sees it selling more than 1 000 plains game on a monthly basis.  The dominance achieved in this arena is a result of identifying a gap in terms of ‘looking after’ the smaller game breeders.

Only AWA can offer live video streaming and online internet bidding during live auctions. Online sales of 20% in the first year of each auction make the AWA platform one of the fastest growing in the world for wildlife sales.