Berchtesgaden Game Ranch

Experience the legendary hospitality and enchanting beauty of a unique place set in the heart of the breath-taking Waterberg Mountain Range, a UNESCO Biosphere. Here, where the cats still roam in their original habitat, Berchtesgaden Lifestyle Game Ranch & Farm offers a unique African experience where guests enjoy life as it was meant to be.

Our luxury ranch accommodations feature rustic elegant design choices with easy access to our well-appointed and comfortable Lapa (communal gather place).  Our lodge features delightful amenities, our ranch spectacular activities, our farm captivating experiences and the immediate surroundings an abundance of adventures; all working towards creating one of the most complete destinations you can find.

It is here where travellers & locals enjoy a truly romantic setting with incomparable scenery, a wide variety of native wildlife, an almost endless menu of outdoor activities and the option of adding-on some of the finest adventures in Africa.