Jugomaro Predator Park

An experience you will never forget. Jugomaro is a sanctuary for rescued lions, tigers, caracals and a wolf. They are cared for with love and are in prime condition. Their enclosures are large and beautifully kept. The farm is owned by the Fernandes family who have devoted their lives to rescuing and caring for these predators.. A must visit to admire these majestic creatures close up.

The park is conveniently located only 5.2kms from the town of Vaalwater (an approximate 2-hour drive from Pretoria). Accommodation is available in either self-catering chalets or in a truly unique mobile home that’s attached to a tiger’s enclosure (visit our “accommodation” page for more information). Feeding tours with the cats start at 2pm everyday, with the exception of Wednesdays. There is also a glistening swimming pool and restaurant on the premises for your enjoyment.


It all started in 2008 when Goosey Fernandes bought a beautiful game farm, Jugomaro, with the intention of looking after wild animals.

Goosey then came across a beautiful tiger cub that was in the process of being rejected by his mother and needed some love and attention. Needless to say, the cub was taken in and was given the name, Panjo.

In July 2010 the Fernandes family and the majority of South Africa underwent a large scare when Panjo escaped from the vehicle that he was being transported in during a visit to the vet.

Panjo went missing for 3 nights and 2 days.

Thanks to the dedication, true passion, and love, Panjo was found in a wattle plantation in Verena, 70kms from the reserve. He was so ecstatic to see his family again especially his dad Goosey.

Over the course of the following years, the Fernandes family became well known for their dedication to conserving the life of wild cats taking on mistreated, unwanted, or orphaned wild cats and so the pride grew. The park is now home to a number of cats including tigers (Bengal and Siberian), Tawny Lion, White Lions,  Caracals (also known as Rooikatte) and a Canadian Timber Wolf.