Nove Nove Game Farm

“I had a farm in Africa”. It’s the beginning of the famous novel by Karen Blixen, Out of Africa. But today, thanks to NoveNove Farm, having a farm in Africa has become possible for anyone who has cherished this dream.

That it is not the usual African lodge, you understand as soon as you cross the boundaries of this private estate of 300 hectares, which is located just two and a half hours from the Johannesburg airport, in South Africa. The atmosphere is that of the old colonial era, with a villa with warm and welcoming furnishings, surrounded by an Annex and a Family House. Comfort does not fear the highest European standards. You just go out into the garden to discover giraffes, zebras and antelopes, herds of buffaloes grazing silently in front of you.

The owners are Italian and have decided that guests should not be more than eight to ten. Because it is important that everyone in this corner of paradise feels at home. Novenove Farm is the ideal solution for the demanding family, for a group of friends or for highly selected company teams.

At NoveNove Farm everything is planned together with the customer and tailored made.

Andrea, who manages the estate, takes care of everything, from arrival to departure. And every morning he is just looking forward to embarking his guests on the inevitable Land Rover, to share with them the wild beauty of these places. Meanwhile at home the cook, the staff who take care of the cleaning of the accommodations, the gardeners, all are mobilized to prepare great evenings for those who will return after a few hours with their eyes still full of the great shows of the wilderness.

The sunset in front of the swimming pool is one of those spectacles that are engraved in the memory.

“We carry compatibility within us – concludes Andrea – because we have learned to love these places,

knowing them every day in a deeper way. This is why we have chosen to have an environmentally friendly tourism “.

Because NoveNove Farm is not located anywhere, but on a plateau at an altitude of 1700 meters, in the heart of the Waterberg. This name would be enough to evoke one of the two biospheres of savannah existing in the Black Continent to lovers of Africa. The Waterberg Biosphere Reserve is an area of 15,000 sq km, which, thanks to the altitude of around two thousand meters, ensures a temperate you live pleasantly away from malaria. Rugged and grandiose, the landscapes of the Waterberg are considered to be among the most unforgettable in southern Africa. And everyone at NoveNove Farm works every day to ensure that these places remain as they are. NoveNove Farm is the ideal place to breathe deeply in the great spaces of the African bush and where every guest, starting out, can say:

“I have a farm in Africa and it’s my home”.