Royal Morubisi Founders Lodge

Discover exclusivity and luxury in the heart of the untouched Kaingo Private Game Reserve in the malaria-free Waterberg region, a mere 2.5-hour drive from Johannesburg. Here, you’ll experience top-notch Big 5 safari adventures and the genuine warmth of African hospitality.

Upon arrival, experience a blend of timeless elegance and serenity, where modern meets traditional African design in a uniquely inviting space. Our elegantly appointed suites serve as your personal sanctuaries for ultimate comfort and relaxation.

Our accommodations blend elegance and captivating experiences. The luxury suite in the scenic Waterberg mountains delivers luxury surrounded by untouched nature. The safari suite guarantees memorable safaris and uniquely themed rooms in a lively setting. For families, the leopard house offers a luxurious blend of adventure and relaxation, providing ample comfort and space.

At Founders Lodge, explore the enchanting African wilderness and witness the majestic Big 5, guided by our expert naturalists through 41,000 acres of unexplored terrains during dawn and dusk safaris. Marvel at the diverse array of mammals and a rich mosaic of bird species in this unique landscape.

Beyond the safari adventures, the lodge offers a myriad of experiences. Unwind by our luminous pool, take in the breathtaking landscapes, and savor gourmet dishes celebrating rich, local flavors, all meticulously paired with exquisite wines.

Royal Morubisi Founders Lodge is a special place where top-notch comfort meets the wild beauty of Africa, making it a one-of-a-kind getaway. Here, you’ll make lasting memories in a peaceful setting, with luxurious suites, thrilling safari drives, captivating bush walks, incredible animals, and our dedicated efforts to protect nature.


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