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Taaibos is situated in the heart of the Waterberg just outside the small town of Vaalwater in the Limpopo province, three hours drive from Johannesburg.  Vaalwater is a malaria- and bilharzia-free area. Nestled in the Waterberg Mountains, on the banks of the Taaibos River, this is a venue unlike any other. The serene scenery compliments the breathtaking array of activities. This is bushveld world with thorn trees making up most of the scenery and then there’s the cliff!! Beautiful solid rock drop-offs or risers that just beg to be climbed.

The stream that emanates from the mountain, joins the Mokolo River. The cool, crystal clear water is sweeter and better than anything you have tasted before. The water report received from the UIS Analytical Services’ Premie Naidoo, reads as follows:
” … the cleanest stream samples that I have yet to see …. I checked out the rivers and have seen nothing to concern one regarding the water quality or anything else for that matter. There was little to no excess algae and the conductivity and Total Dissolved Salts readings were low, indicating very low impacts from any run-off into the river.”
Hence, all water from our taps at Taaibos are of a high quality and most certainly drinkable.

The hike is very accessible to young and old. The route crosses the stream a few times and invites all to kick off shoes and wade through the water barefoot instead of jumping for dry rocks with shoes on.

Along the route many most interesting sightings can be experienced. Beautiful scenery, an ant heap that was built under a massive half ton boulder. The non-stop ant-workers simply elevated it leaving the boulder hanging in mid air! Truly an amazing must see!

Towards the end of the hiking trail, the bushman cave painting may be visited. The paintings are visible and need to be preserved for the next generation hence visitors are requested to treat this area with utmost care. The view from here across the valley is absolutely spectacular.

The dam at the end of the route was built by Italian prisoners of war. A cliff-swing has been fitted at approximately 20m above the dam. Climb the ladder up to the swing and experience the adrenaline pumping through your veins whilst attempting the swing of your life!
The 60m Zipliner across the dam is yet another extreme experience. Climb up, grab the handles and zip your way down into the dam. Adventure Overload!!


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  • Start address: Pretoria, South Africa End address: “Taaibos” 1. Take the N1 towards Polokwane – 130 km 2. Take the exit toward – Modimolle – R33 at the Kranskop Toll – 500 m 3. Turn left at R33 (signs for Modimolle – (Nylstroom) through to Vaalwater) – 73.9 km 4. Continue STRAIGHT pass the SPAR on the other side of Vaalwater – 27.8 km



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