Tidy Planet

Our inventory of cleaning chemicals includes bulk cleaning chemicals and cleaning products, from domestic dish wash liquid to the toughest industrial degreasers. We also stock a range of aerosol products such as furniture polish spray, air freshener spray, etc.

Don’t forget our inventory of Twinsaver toilet paper,  paper towels and cleaning equipment such as brooms, mops, etc.

The bulk cleaning chemicals and cleaning products are great for domestic cleaning services, lodges using large quantities of cleaning supplies and domestic use.

All of our cleaning chemical products are highly concentrated and not watered down. Most of our cleaning chemicals including the bulk cleaning chemical range are vigorously tested and manufactured to the highest standard.

As Vaalwater Gas & Aircons, we supply LP Gas cylinders in the 9kg, 19kg and 48kg range. We also sell 7kg and smaller camping cylinders, in the Cadac range.  Gas fittings and gas appliances such as gas geysers and gas stoves are also part of our inventory.

We do Domestic LP Gas installations,  according to the latest SANS regulations and as such a Certificate of Compliance is issued.

We also install and service air conditioners.


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