Waterberg Biosphere Reserve

Biospheres are places around the world that manage the different needs between people, development and nature. The Waterberg Biosphere Reserve (WBR) was designated in March 2001 by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and forms part of the 10 South Africa’s biosphere reserve. The WBR is a registered not profit company to champion the environmental education and awareness in the area and promote sustainable practices and equitable use of natural resources.

The WBR is situated within the Waterberg district in the Limpopo Province of South Africa, the area has few towns, no major infrastructure and few people in the mountain plateau with the majority staying in the villages around the core and buffer areas of the Biosphere Reserve. It has an important wildlife industry which forms the basis of the local economy. The area contains a high level of biological diversity including many Red Data and orange listed species of conservation concern, and many endemic species.

The WBR priority focus areas:

  • Pursue and prioritise implementation of environmental education and awareness in the areas
  • Conservation of natural, cultural and heritage resources
  • Promotion of sustainable and compatible land use
  • Promote WBR as a tourism destination, responsible tourism and biodiversity economy of the District
  • Contribute to socio-economic empowerment and community development


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