Welgevonden Game Reserve

The Welgevonden Safari Experience and Accommodation

Welgevonden offers an exclusive safari experience, with a limited number of guests having access to Welgevonden at any one time. Each of Welgevonden’s 20 commercial lodges is neatly nestled in the mountainous bushveld and can typically accommodate up to 10 guests.

Welgevonden does not have a central booking system, but individual lodge bookings can be made through the official website.

Contribution to Conservation

Welgevonden believes that private wildlife reserves have the opportunity, and therefore the responsibility, to make a significant contribution towards the protection of South Africa’s biodiversity.

The Reserve’s conservation management team is deeply committed to ongoing conservation research and the development of innovative technologies, making Welgevonden one of the world’s leading reserves in conservation management.

By choosing Welgevonden, you are opting for both a world class luxury safari as well as the sustainable conservation of some of Africa’s most endangered wildlife.


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