Discussion on The Resurrection Bush

Invitation to a discussion on this unique and understudied plant native to Southern Africa the
The Resurrection Bush (Myrothamnus flabellifolia) is a unique and understudied plant native to southern Africa which does particularly well here in the Waterberg.

In addition to being an emerging model for understanding plant resiliency due to its extreme drought tolerance it produces a robust profile of secondary compounds with important medicinal properties, anticancer, and antidiabetic. It also has cosmetic applications and is regarded as a healing tea. Consequently, there is a growing interest in cultivating and harvesting the Resurrection Bush for use in applied industries.

We are privileged to have several world experts visit us in Vaalwater to tell us more about the Resurrection Bush and their plans to study its population dynamics (growth rates, best propagation strategies and sustainable harvesting requirements) in the Waterberg for ultimate use as a cash crop to investors.

If you would like to hear about this remarkable plant, participate in their studies (by allowing a scientist to study your populations) and/or simply hear about the business opportunities it presents, we would like to see you at:
The Farmers Hall, Vaalwater
7 December 2019 at 10h00
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