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Sean Hensman was raised in Zimbabwe and schooled in Natal South Africa before graduating with a degree in Tourism and Leisure with Business management from the Canterbury Christchurch University in the UK. Sean has always been involved in tourism and conservation through his family businesses both in Zimbabwe and South Africa and he is hugely optimistic about what the Waterberg has to offer from both a tourism and conservation perspective. Sean Is a director of the following entities: Adventures With Elephants, The Rory Hensman Conservation & Research Unit, African Wildlife Medical Centre, South African Elephant Care Association, Zimbabwe Elephant Care Association and of course the Waterberg Development Initiative.

Adventures with Elephant’s story begins several decades ago in Zimbabwe through our father Rory Hensman. His interest and love for wildlife began on the family farm where as a child he was surrounded by all kinds of animals from dogs and ponies to countless animals (wild and orphaned) and birds. As an adult, he had the foresight to convert one of the family’s commercial farms into a game reserve where we, his children could grow up to also enjoy wildlife.

In 1988 Rory obtained two young orphaned elephants from the necessary culling operations taking place in the Zambezi valley, with the aim of releasing them onto his game farm.

When Jumbo and Miss Ellie arrived Rory realised that they were far too small to be released and so kept the elephants in a boma.

Adventures with Elephants was opened in 2010. We have had the honour of educating over 15,000 guests a year, in the marvels of the African elephant. All of the elephants at EFAF destinations are elephants that were considered ‘problem elephants’ and as such were going to be destroyed. Problem elephants are elephants that overpopulate and have a negative impact on the environment and other wildlife or elephant that caused damage to property (Human-Elephant Conflict) or to other wildlife. Tembo our largest elephant caused R1 Million worth of damage to a game reserve in six months, he turned over vehicles, killed rhino and buffalo and broke into buildings. Instead of destroying these animals, we have brought them in and tamed them for educational hands-on interactions.
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Sean is busy driving the creation of a movie “Elephant Whisperer” with a budget of US$15 million. He is negotiating for the acquisition of two farms to create a core for a conservancy to house the  elephants, rhinos, endangered species, conservation education and research.

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