Tax benefits of Donating to us

Do you know that you can redirect your tax obligation from SARS to Waterberg Tourism NPC and so qualify for tax relief on your donation to us?  All donations to Waterberg Tourism NPC are fully tax deductible from your taxable income for the year and will also attract B-BBEE scorecard points under the Enterprise and Socio-EconomicDevelopment categories.  Any donation, whether from an individual or company is eligible, and as soon as it is made to us, the section A18 certificate we issue you for it can simply be attached with your tax documentation and the deduction will be automatic!  But hurry, the payment must be made by 28 February 2020 to be eligible.   Your donation will go a long way in helping Waterberg Tourism develop, manage and market tourism activities to the Waterberg area, which create jobs and sustainable economic development for ALL the communities in the area.  We are also involved in various tourism-supporting projects which work towards the development of new businesses, development opportunities and education initiatives, like food security projects, environmental conservation, entrepreneurial mentorships and town beautification and clean-up projects.
Donations can be made to:
Account name:   Waterberg Tourism NPC
Account number:   10110424563
Bank name:   Standard Bank
Bank code:   052547
Reference:   Tax mailer
If you would like to find out more about how donations work and what projects we are investing in, or get involved in any way,  please do not hesitate to contact Ken Maud at or Judi Groenewald at
Thank you for your continued support!

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